Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Say cheese!

So this one's really more for me. I wanted to throw some photos together for me to look back at in case I feel homesick for Northern California. These are the things I think I will miss the most:

Freezing cold surf sessions in 50 degree sharky water!

Getting to know the trails of Sonoma County quite intimately as you can see.

Involving myself in silly hippie activities in Golden Gate Park.

Random dance experiences that can only occur on Castro St.

Scaring pigeons outside 7-11.
(notice the craptastic voyage parked on 48th Ave.)

Carving pumpkins on Halloween. I tried to carve the outlines of the continents. If you look to the bottom right I think you can find Italy.

My car "the craptastic voyage" and my home in Santa Rosa.

Flying down the driveway at my old house in Freestone. Occasionally I remembered to look both ways at the highway.

Having friends nearby that love me so much they'll dress up and take embarrasing photos.

The OG ladies crew that once in a blue moon will all be in the same room at the same time. Wait, where's Janna? crap. nevermind.

The excitement of SSU field trips.

Hugging in bars for no reason. Maybe the Redwings won or something. I wasn't paying attention.

Beach cleanups. And relay races for that matter.

Politically incorrect family Thanksgivings.

And last but not least... strolling through the redwoods and realizing how blessed I
am for having all of the above!

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  1. I already miss you Cat!!


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